Why Fuel Cells

Global Trends

Worldwide increasing energy demand as well as rising urbanization and mobility need us to rethink ecological awareness of our resources and environment.

Hydrogen as Energy Carrier

What a fuel cell basically do is to convert chemical energy of hydrogen into electrical energy. By the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen the cell produces electricity and water. Using renewable energy for hydrogen production provides a realistic alternative for zero emission.


The German government and industry realized the importance of the fuel cell technology. In the upcoming years the topics fuel cell cars and hydrogen production & infrastructure are going to be part of tomorrows energy solution.

Now let's tell you what we do

What we provide

Unique Coating for Bipolar Plates

The key technology for enhancing power density of fuel cells for automotive application are metallic bipolar plates. In order to ensure high performance and long-term stability a protective coating is inevitable. We provide a novel carbon-based coating that makes thin and lightweight bipolar plates possible.

Scalability of the Process

Our technology allows a scalable on-line process for high-volume production.

Comprehensive Know-How

As an ambitious and motivated start-up team in the research center Juelich (Forschungszentrum Jülich / IEK-3) we bring up extensive expertise in energy conversion & storage, material science and electrochemistry as well as highly productive hands-on mindset.

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Who we are

Bipolar plates per car
Cell thickness in mm
H2-stations in preperation in GER
Stack power in kW per kg

What the community says

„Innovation as well as applied research & development on tomorrows energy conversion and storage is the vision of the Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-3). The prospective concept of PRECORS fits exactly in this model and thus makes the fuel cell significantly more attractive for OEMs.”

Prof. Dr. Werner Lehnert – Head of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells & Mentor

„The global market breakthrough for fuel cells is just ahead. Precors’ value proposition to the fuel cell industry is clear: weight, volume and cost reduction of up to 80 %. The Precors team is highly competent, entrepreneurial and dedicated to its customers success.“

Axel Friese – Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Head of Innovation Management at FZ Jülich

„The upcoming market entrance of fuel cell vehicles has the potential to advance e-mobility to the next level by allowing long range travel and short refueling times. The expertise and enthusiasm of the PRECORS team has led to a highly innovative product, offering affordable fuel cells to a broad market.”

Dr. Jan Schlipf – Coach & Business Angel

Winner of business plan contest AC2 for start-ups in Aachen (2015). Main prizes in first and second stage as well as top ten nominee in third phase of business plan contest NUK (Neues Unternehmertum Rheinland) for the metropolitan region Cologne-Duesseldorf-Bonn-Aachen in 2014/15.

Business Plan Contests

Winner of f-cell award in category R&D at conference World of Energy Solutions 2016. Awardee of Falling Walls Lab Juelich 2016 that represents a challanging, inspring and interdisciplinary format for outstanding ideas, research projects and initiatives.

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Latest News

We are honored with the f-cell award in the category research & development at the "World of Energy Solutions".

We have been awarded at "Falling Walls Juelich Lab" 2016 for young academics and professionals.

Want to know more about our metallic bipolar plates? See the presentation at "Hannover Fair" 2015.

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