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Towards the next
fuel cell

Towards the Next

Generation Fuel Cells

what we do

Providing technical solutions

We create novel products & services with unique technical and economical benefits as market enabler for a clean and sustainable energy conversion and storage.

With a strong focus on market needs, we develop and produce functionalized materials and components for PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers and provide efficient production processes thereof.

Our vision is a mature fuel cell technology linked to an ecologically worthwhile hydrogen production and infrastructure as inevitable part of tomorrow’s energy economy.


What makes us unique

The bipolar plate (as repeating unit) is a key component for high technical efficiency, longevity and cost effectiveness of fuel cell stacks. An automotive fuel cell system of 120 kW contains around 350 bipolar plate assemblies with a total surface area of 50 m2.

Surface area is the key – bulk is ballast!

Therefore, ultra-thin materials in combination with innovative manufacturing processes reveal a smart solution for the volume production of fuel cells.

We provide materials and coatings for thin and lightweight metal bipolar plates in order to ensure high power density as well as longterm stability of fuel cells.



Functionalized carbon-based materials for superior    conductivity and protection


Highly scalable non-vacuum production processes


Competitive benefits due to unique features in the markt


High economies of scale

coating technology that meets the industrial needs


Scale-up & growth



  • start small – we offer a lean and efficient coating service for customized bipolar plates

  • think big – we are paving the way to an one-stop solution for the entire bipolar plate as a complete product


  • we offer a proprietary roll-to-roll coating service for the subsequent bipolar plate production

  • we provide various coated materials and types, such as stainless steel and titanium

  • let our products speak for themselves – contact us for specs and test coils


together, we create.


passion led us here

unraveling the challenges
of metallic bipolar plates

unraveling the challenges of metallic bipolar plates



be part of our team!

We are constantly looking for people to lead our work delivering cutting-edge products with the mindset to change current paradigms…